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Welcome To My Website

Violinspruce.com is a the Website of Andreas Zwirchmayr! My final goal is to supply violin makers with the best Tonewood available from special areas out of the Austrian Alps and the Italian Dolomites!


Important Tonewood Criterions!
A very important point by selecting best Tonewood is the constant growing of a tree. This results in a fine and even split surface, a straight medium till tight annual ring spacing about the whole width and no spiral growth about the whole length of the violin wedges!
Furthermore the colour should be even white, that is fact if the late wood of the annual rings are not marked very strong. After all this important criterions, the gravity of the wood is one of main properties of Tonewood, basically the lighter the better. Therefore it is a must for me as a High-Class Violin Soundboard producer, to give all information about gravity, Speed of Sound, Air-Seasoning Time and Location of Growing, to my customers!

For individual offers, price of different Grades,further information about my wood, and please contact me via email!